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TRIGGER WARNING: If making money scares you then this update is gonna freak you out!


As most of you know, my former forex mentor Jesse died suddenly about a year and a half ago. That was both a shock and a wake-up call.

My passion for all things FOREX had already been waning, so I decided to just put things on pause for a while.

About a year ago a friend contacted me about a bot he was using in FOREX which looked quite incredible actually. Although things with that bot didn't turn out well, after about 4 months of testing it my passion and excitement for the FOREX world was reignited. But this time, instead of a pink cloud honeymoon experience, I was craving long-term profitability.

I researched dozens of other bots of all different varieties and then set my sights on finding a couple of incredibly reliable manual trading strategies. I was looking for mechanical trading strategies that eliminate discretionary trading (ie emotional gut-level trading decisions).

I spent months getting up at 1:30am to trade the London session open for 3 hours. Then back to bed for a couple of hours and back up at 7am to trade the New York session open. I was trading about a dozen different currency pairs plus indices and gold. I basically just ate and breathed FOREX and skimped on sleep for months and months. It felt a little like university actually. I was Neo constantly searching the Matrix. I do not suggest copying that route. I knew it was not long-term sustainable. It was a temporary short-term sacrifice for long-term gains.

Gradually after a tonne of research, a double tonne of backward testing and forward testing, and a triple tonne of missed sleep, two strategies became more and more attractive as I tweaked them.

Meet our new strats:

Both are truly mechanical systems based on Smart Money Concepts. They can be learned in about 1-2 months each and they take the guesswork out of FOREX. You can trade both in an hour or two a day or if you have a very strict work schedule, you can use PROSPER on your phone to alert you of great trade setups and take them with just a few minutes on the charts here or there. Also, the great news is that both are full manual strategies (no bots here) and both can totally be traded in a Prop Firm account.

Now I need two things from you...

1) Excitement 🎉 🥳 🍾

I want you to get ready for something great. Spend the next month getting back into FOREX with me. Hope is a great thing...if you have suffered losses in FOREX before then please prepare yourself for a very different approach

2) Patience (what is the emoji for waiting?)

This requires a pretty massive site overhaul. I have spent the last couple of weeks reorganizing our site to make room for all of the new content. On the front-end, you will only notice a slight difference in how some thumbnails may look or how the content is displayed or the menus etc. But now the real work begins:

Tonnes of new videos

Each one of those stickies is a 10-minute video that is required. And that's less than half of them. Each must be planned, shot, edited, uploaded etc etc. So it's gonna take a little time. My goal is 2 videos a day, So outside of my trading hours, that's gonna be my life for the next 2 months. Please be patient if some links go down, or if content has moved around on the site, or if things are a little out of place on the mobile version of our site. These things are temporary.




Well, that is only as far as money. This is going to require some time on your part. But I can promise you that any time you invest learning these strategies will rapidly transform into $$$ in your trading account! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Okay, now I'll get back to shooting a couple more videos today. I'll post an update in a couple of weeks once the first course is completed....

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