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I am super excited to announce that our new PROSPER COURSE is now live.

This strategy is a game changer!

If you want consistent profitability in your trading then give up bots and indicators and learn to trade properly using nothing but TIME & PRICE as your guide.

PROSPER determines for you whether you should be bullish or bearish for the day (looking for longs or shorts), and it lays out your trade entry location and your stoploss and take profit location.

It is a manual trading strategy but based on mechanical rules so no discretionary trading whatsoever. Say goodbye to being ruled by your emotions in your trading session.

PROSPER is all you need to trade profitably but I have even better news for you...

Within the next 2 weeks I will be uploading our content teaching our second strategy, SNIPER X, and also a course on how to leverage either strategy to get funded by one of the prop firms we work.

Imagine trading 1-2 hours a day and making a more than you need to live a sexy life off every month. Now imagine doing that using someone else's money instead of your hard earned savings!

Have fun students...I look forward to hearing about your success with these new strats!



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