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Meet Another Successful Member of TeamX

Success is ALWAYS a team sport.

I am super excited to be incorporating my team into what we are doing at creativeX. I want you learning from the best in each area where they have the greatest strengths.

Meet Roy. Not only an all around great guy who is fun to spend time around, but Roy also has one of the most inspiring stories that I know. How do you come back from being knocked flat on your ass by life? How does a guy recover when the rug is pulled out from under him...when unfair and unjust things happen and you loose it all through no fault of your won. If you are wise and courageous, then you do exactly what Roy has done.

Have fun getting to know him a little in this Module included in the BE FREE course (included for all of those in PROJECT FREEDOM).

Going forward Roy will be coming in to teach on how to build out your team of experts and how to find deals. If we are lucky (and trust me we are) Roy will also be breaking down in future modules how to put together real estate deals even when you have no money down. All of this is right up Roy's alley and he will be teaching us how to do what he has done repeatedly to build wealth in his own life. I for one am super grateful to have him on my team and to be introducing him to you guys.

It also looks like down the road we may be incorporating some of Roy's deals into the SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES page for PROJECT FREEDOM subscribers to potentially get in on and Roy will likely be available to book weekly mentoring sessions with if you so desire.

Enjoy his story ;-)


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