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is it time

to be free?

There are moments when something unexpected, unplanned, unforeseeable stops your usual way of doing life.  In those moments, something deep inside of you...something you run from hearing in normal life comes to the surface.   The voice is inescapable. 


What you hear is a part of yourself craving for more out of life.  Hungering for the dream that we all dream.  Aching to be free and live life properly.

You are actually not as far from your goal as you think...you have already discovered what you do not want.


It was in the exact same moment in my life that PROJECT FREEDOM was born.  

If you want to live financially free, then I would love to tell you about it...


At creativeX, we enjoy being fully transparent.  The following accounts are fully audited by a third party called FX Blue which links directly to the brokerage account, audits all of the trading data and then creates these fun to read charts and graphs.  Click on each one to be directed to FX Blue's page for the account which is updated every few minutes.  Someone in FOREX that believes in being fully accountable...what a novel concept!

FX Blue

We have connected below a live feed of a few different accounts that we have traded with my mentor's XK signals and also 2 running our Xodus Trading Software.  Each has been grown using different settings and currencies.  


ACCOUNT #194706

  • Account opened March 30, 2020

  • Opening balance: $10,000 USD

  • Type: Automated & Manual

  • Risk: Agressive

  • Pairs(s): 

    • GBPNZD

ACCOUNT #196064

  • Account opened March 30, 2020

  • Opening balance: $10,000 USD

  • Type: Automated by Xodus

  • Risk: Moderate

  • Pairs(s): 

    • GBPCAD

NOTE: On Aug 23/20 I accidentally opened the chart for GOLD to check the current price and forgot to close it...this meant for 8 hours Xodus was trading that pair which it is not designed for and created that massive loss.  Foolish oversight on my part.