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There are moments when something unexpected, unplanned, unforeseeable stops your usual way of doing life.  In those moments, something deep inside of you...something you run from hearing in normal life comes to the surface.   The voice is inescapable. 


What you hear is a part of yourself craving for more out of life.  Hungering for the dream that we all dream.  Aching to be free and live life properly.

You are actually not as far from your goal as you have already discovered what you do not want.


It was in the exact same moment in my life that PROJECT FREEDOM was born.  

If you want to live financially free, then I would love to tell you about it...


The vast majority of traders fail in FOREX not simply due to their strategy, commitment, or desire to succeed.

Most traders fail due to one simple thing: UNDERCAPITALIZATION

Many traders start trading with a few thousand bucks and a dream of being successful.  They ache to be financially free and living the life. 


They start with $5000 and need $50,000 a year to live on.  Few people have the patience to wait 10 years for their account to grow month after month to get large enough to live off of the proceeds.  So instead they do something pretty foolish.  They go the route of extremely high leverage and they essentially bet everything on some Hail Mary trades and they PRAY.  Sadly the forex gods do not often hear their prayers...a few months later they loose it all and cry the blues.


Instead, we teach our traders how to leverage XODUS, our trading bot, to become profitable in FOREX quickly and safely.  Then we help our students get certified to trade with the funds of one of the Prop Firms that we trade with. As well, our traders get training in my FOREX mentor Jesse's proprietary XK trading system.  This is how you quickly become proficient in the FOREX markets and how you too can set yourself up with a reliable side revenue stream every month! 


In a few months you could literally be trading the funds of one of these firms.  The exact details vary depending on which firm but once certified you can start trading with up to $400,000 USD of their money.  They cover your losses (up to 10% of the account) and pay you 70-90% of the profits you generate.

So instead of gambling and praying on trades that you hope will grow your $5,000 account by 100% every month you can be extremely profitable cherry-picking the trades and strategies that lead to success.  Then you can easily grow your $300-400,000 account by 5 or 10% a month - a very realistic goal using XODUS or XK.  If you made 5% of $300,000 a month, you can easily be financially free.


$300,000 * 5% * 70%= $10,000 a month in your pocket

What is even sweeter is that every 4 months you can get the prop firm to increase your account by 25% if you are even marginally profitable. This means that in a year you could be overseeing a million dollar account OF SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY!


Neither.  This is entirely doable and it was the reason we created creativeX and partnered with teamXK.  We have been using XODUS to trade successfully for over 4 years and my mentor Jesse has taught hundreds of students his unique XK system to trade profitably in FOREX.  You will learn how how XODUS & XK work in a supportive and fun community along with other traders.  You also will be trained up receive a comprehensive upgrade to your understanding of personal finances and gain access to a great foundation in trading CRYPTO profitably.  If you apply yourself, there is no reason why you cannot use XODUS & XK to create a new relationship to generating your income ... the very same way that we and our other students have.


Trading foreign exchange currencies and crypto can risky.  There is a reason approximately 75% of traders lose money.  Before deciding to participate in the FOREX market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.  Only trade with money you can afford to lose.

Utilizing the software that we at or are currently using, have used, or use in the future is also risky. FOREX is unpredictable in nature and unforeseeable events do happen (including but not limited to market manipulation, software errors, currencies gapping, stoplosses and/or take profits not being triggered, random unforeseen news events, etc).  We are not in control of these events and are not liable for any impact they or other events may have on your account. We make no guarantees of any rate of return or profits.  All past or current results shared on this page or our site, or in any of our courses or training material are factual PAST results that do not guarantee FUTURE returns.


This is not a solicitation for investment.  We only recommend using brokerages that we ourselves have had personal experience with but you are free to use any broker that you wish as long as they have an MT4 platform to connect with the Xodus Trading Software, and/or to run the indicators and scripts that make up the XK system, and/or to connect to our FREEDOM4X trade copying platform.  At no point does creativeX, or FREEDOM4X, or anybody but you have access to the funds you decide to put in your broker account.