Great to have you all on board.  Together we can help a heck of a lot of people.


1) Do not give the link to this page to people that you want to onboard.  You are welcome to send them to our main site which has lots of information about FOREX and the opportunity it represents.  If the person is already chomping at the bit of it you have your own presentation that you prefer then great.  Once they are the point where they want to sign up direct them to our services page at  Explain to them that the can access the onboarding process through simply signing up for the TEAM HOPE option.  They will be directed through the entire process from there step by step without missing a beat.  Once they have registered they will be forwarded to the TEAM HOPE SETUP PAGE which you can also access at any time from one of the main creativeX pages under GROUPS in the main menu. 


2) Before onboarding someone please go through the entire setup page (link at the bottom or under #1).  This is the most efficient way to set up your own VPS.  If you are not running the Eaconomy template at then I suggest that you switch and save the $7 a month.  This also sets you up for almost effortless updates whenever Traide Ringer is updated.  If you realize that this is not how you are currently running things and want to switch to Eaconomy's template at then before doing what the next page describes, you must:

  1. If you have a demo account that you want to keep running at ironFX, KOT4X, or LCM then this step must be done when all of your trades are closed out.  In that case, pick a time when they can be closed manually, shut off the Traide Ringer software by closing each of the currency charts inside your MT4 on your VPS and disabling the autotrade feature, and then manually close out your trades if you must.

  2. If you do not care about your current account then just do this now.

  3. Go to

  4. Using the chat feature explain that you wish to reset your current VPS to a different subscription plan.  This is the subscription you want to use:  

  5. They will then refund you the prorated amount that you already paid for the month or the subscription and then allow you to apply those credited funds to the invoice they issue you for the newly setup VPS (the one with the eaconomy template).  To use the credited funds simply ask them to email you an invoice for the service and you can apply the credit immediately to your invoice.

  6. Then proceed to the TEAM HOPE SETUP PAGE

  7. If you have not already done so and do not have a live account yet, we highly recommend using ironFX if you can.  If you have not been able to, then select KOT4x.  If neither of those work for you then select LCM.  All 3 brokers are safe to use but we have listed them in the order of best service to slowest should you ever have an issue with your account.   If you cannot open an account at any of those 3 brokers email me or Jesse and we will add in a 4th.  These are just our suggested brokers.  If you already have on that you really like then of course continue using them and let me know who you are using and we may add them to our list.

  8. Then proceed to set up your new VPS as per the video corresponding to the broker account where you have your account at.

3) Then please update your profile here on creativeX with a photo of you in the members section discussed in steps 7 & 8.  As well, copy and paste your Eaconomy URL and your Eaconomy ID#.  Make sure to make your profile public in the same step.  If you do not do these things the person you direct here to get onboarded will not be able to give you credit for them in Eaconomy.  Take the 30 seconds and things will work well for you!

4) Lastly, please take a minute to read our COMPENSATION PAGE so you understand how we do things and please fill out the Affiliate Application below.  Even if you never intend to refer anyone to creativeX we request that you do this because every time a person refers someone for our course 15% goes to the person that referred them and 15% goes to that person's sponsor.  It is always 2 levels deep.  That means you may never refer someone but someone under you may and you would miss out on that 15%.  Instead take the 2 minutes. 

That's it.  We look forward to making some serious cash in FOREX with you and empowering you to grow your Eaconomy business while we all Help One Person Everyday.