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Prices are in Canadian dollars and we offer a 10% discount on everything except our monthly plans if you pay in Bitcoin.

You can purchase a lifetime subscription at any time for the cost of 10 months.  Find more information here.


Trading foreign exchange currencies is risky.  There is a reason approximately 75% of traders loose money.  Before deciding to participate in the FOREX market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.  Only trade with money you can afford to lose.

Utilizing the software that we at creativeX are currently using, have used, or use in the future is also risky. We make no guarantees of any rate of return or profits.  Any past or current results shared on this page or our site, or in any of our courses or training material are factual PAST results which do not guarantee FUTURE returns.  FOREX is by nature unpredictable and can be volatile.  This is not a solicitation for investment.  We only recommend using brokerages that we ourselves have had personal experience with but you are free to use any broker that you wish as long as they have an MT4 platform to connect with the Xodus Trading Software.  At no point does creativeX or anybody but you have access to the funds you decide to put in your broker account.  We do not guarantee that your experiences will be the same as ours has been thus far. 


Our PROJECT FREEDOM, our XK UNIVERSITY, and our TRADING ACADEMY are educational.  We teach you the steps that we have taken to create a financially free lifestyle by developing a proper mindset around money and to use that mindset in trading currencies and crypto assets.  We do not guarantee that your results will be the same as our PAST returns.  We cannot predict the future.  Any training we provide around manual FOREX trading or crypto trading will only be what has worked for us in the PAST and we do not guarantee that your results will be the same.  Also, we teach you how to supervise the software, how to change the settings, and we will explain what settings we are currently running ourselves.  You must decide when and how you wish to change the settings.  The Xodus Trading Software is an employee that you must oversee.