• If you are tired of going around in cirlces in the rat-race the our Xodus trading software is THE WAY OUT
  • Automate your Forex trading with this incredibly robust trading tool
  • Benefit from the latest in algorithmic trading with software that allows critical user input on a macro level empowering you to switch strategies as market conditions change
  • At the same time, on a micro, Xodus is a truly automated Forex trading companion.
  • With your one-time payment you can run Xodus on as many accounts (live or demo) as you wish but only on one VPS. 


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Xodus 4.0 - by creativeX


    • This purchase is for a single user licence for the Xodus trading program.  This licence entitles the purchaser to install this software on ONLY ONE VPS.  On that VPS, the software may be run on an unlimited live or demo accounts.   


    • Once installed, the licence is locked to your VPS IP address. 
    • If you wish to change your VPS, first unistall Xodus from the VPS you were running it on and contact creativeX BEFORE installing it on another VPS.  We will unlock your licence so it can be installed on a new VPS.  If Xodus is run on more than one VPS at a time, it will be flagged and licence become permenently disabled.  Once disabled we cannot over-ride the system and you will need to purchase another licence.