Want to skip the hassle of passing your challenge and verification?  Then get it done the deliciously easy way.


Jesse used to offer this service and was often bogged down trading 10 accounts at a time to help those students pass their challenges.  He took a brief time off of passing other people's challenges




after being asked to begin offering this again dozens of times Jesse has relented.


Your fee is basically an insurance policy that you pass and get certified with one of the prop firms we work with.  Jesse will pass for you both the challenge step and the verification step and then turn the keys over to you for you to trade your funded account.


Yes it is true that with XK you can fully pass it yourself but, for some time is just a luxury they cannot afford.


  • That's right we have a way for you to spend those coins burning a hole in your pocket.  Contact us to arrange a onetime BTC and get your challenge passed completely stress-free