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The creativeX mobile app?

In case you don't know, we converted our site to a Progressive Web App a couple of weeks ago to make it more friendly for mobile users. A Progressive Web App is more or less a cross between a true native app (where much of the data stays on your mobile device) and a true web page where all of the data stays in the cloud. Without getting into the boring specifics this means a faster browsing experience of our site for mobile users combined with more viewing area of the page because it runs on a very stripped down version of a browser instead of Chrome, Safari, etc.

This is how you "install" creativeX to run as a PWA on your device. This is on an iPhone but the steps will be very similar on an Android device.

1) open in Safari

2) click on the share button:

3) Select "Add to Home Screen"

4) Select okay and enjoy creativeX as your newest app addition ;-)


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