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Personally, I LOVE hearing this from people I talk to about currency trading. It makes me giggle inside.

So today I thought I would share a few impossible things that my friend Elon has been keeping busy with. Arguable each of these is slightly more difficult than a number of coders getting together to create a software package that analyzes trends in currency pairs and trades them automatically.

This stroll through time is dedicated to those with the "this must be too good to be true" mindset or better yet the "I don't think I could trust an algorithm with my finances" mindset ;-)


#5 - If only someone would create sexy looking, crazy fast electric self driving cars...and if only that guy would do it while the entire herd of industry insiders are saying that he is insane and it is an impossible pipe-dream.


#4 - If only someone would totally revolutionize the banking industry. I wish someone would disrupt this ancient archaic industry and make it web based. That would never happen.

Arguably not the sexiest mug


#3 - If only someone would apply a deliciously silicon valley tech startup mindset to Aerospace travel. If so, maybe they could take on and surpass industry giants like NASA & Boeing in only a few years. He may even be able to transform how space travel is done by creating reusable rockets which every single 'expert' said was entirely impossible.

Honestly that kind of rocket wouldn't impress me that much unless he launched an electric car from another company he made into space along with it. Now that would be cool. Then I would be impressed.


#2 - Okay fine, after disrupting the banking industry, and the auto industry, and the space exploration industry, I would highly recommend that Elon host, fund and create an open competition to get over 42 companies (in 2019) to revolutionize ground travel. He could call it Hyperloop...


#1 - Elon doesn't really impress me to be honest because nothing that incredible is really possible. However, imagine if someone else created their own international currency that was not even tied to a country or geographic location? A currency with it's own inflation built in that could be traded instantaneously and entirely anonymously? Nope...ain't gonna happen folks. Besides that would never take off and become would hundreds of billions of dollars.

Perhaps the trend would kick off thousands of other similar currencies worth collectively trillions of dollars in real money...


Too bad that level of technology is not here yet. When people can do shockingly incredible things like that with technology...then and only then will I entrust my hard earned dollars to a software package that trades currencies while I chill on the beach

great idea....this would be my office...


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