• $3,000 (Pre-launch) or $5,000 (Post-launch)

  • Get serious about your finances.  Our course is being designed to get you from where you are to financial freedom in 52 weeks or less.  We help you determine a reasonable monthly cash burn rate for your lifestyle and then help you learn to use the tools we have taught dozens of others to use to meet your minimum cashflow requirements to become financially free.  Then you decide if you work or not going forward.

  • Get in control of your life and your finances

  • Learn to budget and develop the proper mindset around money

  • Get cracking on a brilliant debt reduction plan and move ahead with your life

  • Gain control over your money and your time

  • At all times, only you have access to your money in your broker account.  creativeX and the software we use merely initiates and closes trades in your account but nobody ever has direct access to your funds except you.

  • One other family member can audit the 52 BE FREE course along with you as well for free*

  • NOTE: In addition to our the course fee, you must pay for several other software services that we use and also your books.  Plan on a rough budget of about $225 a month but with a tiny time investment on your end you can get some of the software for free every month (thus dropping it to around $60 a month.

  • NOTE: We require that you run the software for 2 months on a demo account before switching it to a live account.  The reason for this is for you to see how the software works over time and to make mistakes with fake money not real money.  As well, this way you get a feel for the changes in FOREX and your drawdown.

  • NOTE: *Only included when you choose to pay for your course upfront.

  1. Total honesty...we cannot help you get ahead if you lie about where you are at.  Don't be embarrassed or ashamed.  We have definitely helped clients worse off than you.

  2. You must invest 8 hours a week into your financial training.

  3. You must diligently track your time invested and the money you have spent/earned so we can monitor your progress

  4. You must be willing to work every step of the course in the order it was designed.  Don't jump around and definitely do not skip the "boring" parts.  Our goal is not just to get you earning some money...our goal is to unplug you from the matrix FOREVER.

  5. Once you are thrilled with the results you see, we require you to refer at least 3 people that you know that will benefit from our course and services.  If they choose not to go ahead that is fine but we expect the introduction.

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